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Survey data analysis & design

We look for the best available data to answer the question, and if we can’t find any, we go collect it ourselves.

We help clients quantify and characterise markets of interest through analysis of existing survey data sources. These include household or living standard surveys, income and expenditure surveys or media and products surveys generated by national statistical agencies, research institutes, industry bodies or private companies.
Where clients have specific questions that cannot be answered with existing survey data, we design, develop and implement additional surveys. Our projects typically combine the two services, starting with an analysis of existing survey data followed by primary research to fill key data gaps that emerge during the research process.

What we do

We have extensive experience working with raw survey data across Africa and are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of available data. We regularly work with the following surveys and identify new data sets as they become available:

  • Household Budget Surveys
  • Household Panel Surveys
  • Living Conditions Surveys
  • Income & Expenditure Surveys
  • Media & Products Surveys
  • Labour Force Surveys
  • FinScope and other financial inclusion focused surveys

Where available data is limited, we develop primary research instruments to capture data that answers our clients’ specific question. Our experience extends from designing and implementing nationally representative surveys to very localised, small-scale surveys.

We also work across survey techniques, including:

  • Mobile surveys (SMS or app-based surveys)
  • Online surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys using CAPI technology

And assist clients throughout the survey process, including:

  • Questionnaire design
  • Survey coding
  • Fieldwork
  • Data monitoring & control
  • Analysis & synthesis of results