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Big data analytics

‘Big data’ is a catch-all term used to describe high volume, complex data that cannot be manipulated using traditional data processing software, or, as we like to put it, any data that is too complex to manipulate in Excel.

While big data is generated everywhere, it is often difficult to access and, as a consequence, underutilised. We work hard to identify relevant big data sets and to unlock their potential through advanced data analytical techniques.

Combining the analysis of big data with other data sources such as demand side surveys, provides extensive insight into a particular topic or question.

Our experience extends to working with several big data sets including:

  • Credit bureau data
  • Deeds and other asset registry data
  • Municipal property data
  • Bank / mobile money transactional records

While big data is helpful in answering the ‘what’ and ‘how many’ questions – what are customers doing? How many do x or y? – combining the analysis of big data with other data sources including demand side surveys and qualitative data, can help us understand the ‘why’ questions.