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Foundations of Data-Driven Analysis: Technical Course

This is a foundational technical course that is designed to help data teams to speak the same language and to perform basic data tasks in their organisation. Over 5 days, participants are equipped with practical skills in designing databases, conducting basic analysis in R and SQL, designing data dictionaries, and developing reproducible research.

Data Literacy: Implementing a Data-Driven Strategy

This is a hands-on workshop is designed for non-technical teams who are responsible for implementing the data-driven strategy in their organisation. A key objective of this workshop is to help executives, managers, or department heads to engage with their data and analytical teams more productively.

We also offer training in:

Survey analysis

Leveraging Excel pivot tables to conduct survey data analysis. Participants learn how to conduct basic segmentation analysis using cross-tabulations, create new variables in the excel data sheets, how to merge data sets (individual and household level), and best practice when creating charts and graphs using the survey data.

R & Python technical training

Technical courses in R programming including data analytics in R, package development for data engineering in R and Python, building data analytics pipelines in R & Python, API development with dockerisation in R & Python.

Dashboard development

Technical course in dashboard development with Golem Shiny as well as Kibana.

We aim to equip organisations with the practical skills and knowledge they require to implement data-driven strategies.