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Our work is part art, part science.

Our approach to data science combines technical aspects of data engineering with analytical finesse and research experience to draw out insights that matter. The four pillars of our work include:

Data Engineering

Data engineering is the practice of designing and building systems to capture, transform, store, and analyse data at scale. We understand that meaningful insights depend on the quality and reliability of the systems through which data has moved. We have extensive experience in building data pipelines to produce clean and standardised data that is reliable and analysis-ready.

Data Analysis

This is where science meets art and experience. Our team comprises economists, statisticians, marketers and data scientists with extensive experience across our core sectors. Working across the data value chain and with various data typologies we are invested in each step of the process – from helping clients frame their research questions, collecting new data where needed, to analysing data (big and small) and bringing it all together in a way that makes sense.

Making Meaning

We focus on transformational sectors that hold the potential to fundamentally change lives. We take this role seriously and strive to ensure that our work produces usable outcomes. We know that the steps to access, transform and analyse data are worthwhile only if the insights that emerge on the other end are constructive, engaging and actionable.


We are passionate about the power of data science to drive change where it matters. Our training function is a multiplier for this effect. Organisations may struggle to unlock the value of data due to a lack of capabilities and skills. Our training courses focus on creating a common language around data, building a foundational data literacy across the organisation. In addition, our technical training courses help deepen technical skills within data teams, enabling them to translate these skills into action.