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Measuring perceptions of public healthcare

Exploring the patient experience and identifying key issues that frame perceptions of the public healthcare system in the Western Cape.

Segmenting customers for digital insurance
Financial inclusion

The analysis used telephony and mobile banking data to segment Inclusivity’s customers

RDP housing in South Africa – A look at the numbers

A review of the available data on RDP properties in South Africa and beneficiary households.

South African council on cities data codebook

Developing a codebook of common indicators for South African cities

South Africa’s first ever blockchain-based property register pilot

Developing South Africa’s first blockchain-based property register.

Graduate unemployment in South Africa
Youth employment

This analysis set out to provide an updated and more nuanced view of graduate unemployment.

Data agenda for African housing markets

This agenda aims to foster a data-driven approach to affordable housing markets in Africa.

Customer analytics toolkit
Financial inclusion

Presenting a collection of hands-on toolkits that help organisations to deliver effective financial services for low-income customers.

Understanding unmet financial needs and opportunities in Kenya
Financial inclusion

Understanding the financial needs of key consumer groups in Kenya

From counting houses, to making houses count: Publicly available administrative data on subsidised housing

A review of publicly available data on RDP housing in South Africa.

Bringing life to mortgage markets in South Africa
Credit, Housing

Building a model of mortgage loan performance, and identifying and quantifying the key drivers of mortgage profitability.

A new framework for measuring digital financial services
Financial inclusion

Developing a measurement framework (MFW) for digital financial services (DFS) with a focus on digital payments.

Advancing financial inclusion – Nigeria pilot study
Financial inclusion

Combining demand-side and supply-side research methodologies in Nigeria.

Economic impact assessment – National Credit Amendment Bill

71point4 together with economist Co-Pierre Georg prepared an economic impact assessment of the National Credit Amendment Bill.

Quantifying rental markets in Africa

The project team conducted this rental market investigation on behalf of the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa.