Happy Two Years to Us!

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Happy Two Years to Us!

Posted by: Jessica Robey
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This month we celebrate our two year work anniversary as the 71point4 team, and what a fantastic two years it has been! Our team has more than doubled from five people in 2018 to twelve people in 2020. In the past two years, the team has been fortunate enough to travel extensively across the continent with a combined eleven trips to Nigeria, ten to Rwanda, two to Ghana and Kenya respectively and one trip to Tanzania. Each trip has taught us so much about the new countries and markets we visit, introduced us to new colleagues, clients and partners, and encouraged us to try new cultures, customs and experiences, particularly when it comes to food (though some of us are more adventurous than others).

Locally the team has also gained in-depth and first-hand knowledge of the complex workings of the low-income housing market in Khayelitsha through our work at the Transaction Support Centre, a pilot housing advice office run in partnership with CAHF.

As a team we’ve climbed mountains (literally and figuratively), jumped off mountains (literally), celebrated personal milestones with one another, created endless Powerpoint presentations, written thousands of words, and analysed millions of rows of data.

While we celebrate this milestone in our company’s history socially distant and apart, our team remains closer than ever.  We are so grateful that our work allows us to continue operating from our homes in these uncertain times.

As always, thank you to our clients and partners who continue to support our work. We have taken this opportunity to summarise our publications, both internal and external, from the past two years to celebrate past work done. Click on the text to navigate to the pages.

With thanks,

71point4 team

Author: Jessica Robey

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