We are a data and research consultancy

Focused on developing insights that drive social and economic impact, bringing numbers to life.

Our work is rooted in the micro

– the customers and citizens that lie at the centre of every decision.

Housing & finance

Focus on affordable housing, including rental

Performance of housing markets & submarkets

Origination and performance of mortgage loans in affordable market segments

Transaction Support Centre in Khayelitsha

Financial sector development & inclusion

Spanning all products from insurance, transaction banking, savings and credit products and across all channels (traditional, digital, mobile)

Understanding consumer financial behaviour (uptake, usage, uplift

Economic inclusion

Urbanisation, transforming cities and city-led growth

Youth employment


Credit markets & indebtedness

Credit market trends and performance using records level credit bureau data & National credit regulator data

Alternative data

Informal lending

For us, it’s not just about the data.

It’s about the person at the end of the data point.

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We provide clients with the full spectrum of data, research and advisory services

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Our passion is bringing the customer perspective into the conversation

For public and private sector clients.

Beyond our strong technical skills and extensive experience, our team is completely dedicated to solving problems that matter

Meet the team who is known to stay up past their bedtime because they find the work so interesting.