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Current opening: Data Scientist

About the company

71point4 is a Cape Town-based strategic research consultancy specialising in consumer-focused, data-driven research. Our work focuses on bringing the life and experience of consumers into the decision making processes of policy makers, think tanks and executives. We work across a range of sectors with a primary focus on those that potentially transform the lives of consumers for the better. Our team comprises data scientists, economists and marketers.

71point4 provides a flexible, supportive work environment with a commitment to continuous learning. Benefits of the job include working on interesting projects, interacting with purpose-driven clients and being part of a dynamic team. And by the way, a healthy lunch is on us. Every day.

About the role

We are looking for a data scientist to join the team and expand the analytical capacity of our organisation. Your primary job will be to turn raw data into information and information into insights. A large part of this entails feature engineering and data transformations. With this in mind, you must have strong analytical skills and a proven ability to manipulate large data sets with accuracy and attention to detail.

Your job is not only to answer questions, but to ask better questions. This role will suit someone who is highly inquisitive and willing to explore datasets to test hypotheses and search for patterns in the data that provide valuable insights for clients. Beyond analysing the data, the suitable candidate will also be willing to engage and interact directly with clients to understand their key questions and analytical needs.

Required skills

  • Degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Physics or Economics
  • Experience in data mining, statistics, machine learning techniques and/or econometrics
  • Programming experience in Python or/and R
  • Understanding of standard ML models (supervised and unsupervised) and how to apply them
  • Knowledge of relational databases such as MySQL
  • Ability to manage and manipulate data sets, including: variables definition, performing calculations and summarizations, and creating solutions to address client business needs
  • Happy to work independently and take initiative on projects to see them to completion

Application requirements

We like to get to know potential candidates on a slightly more practical level. So to apply for this position, send your CV together with your answers to the following questions to:

1.1 Tell us how your folder structure looks when you start a new project

1.2. Below is a sample of a transaction database. What variables would you derive from this data (i.e. what questions could be answered using a dataset of this nature?) 

Trump, having recently introduced his Space Force, decides he wants to lay a space monitoring cable around the moon. The Democrats complain that it will damage the surface of the moon and insist that the cable be raised 2m high to avoid destroying the moon’s ecosystem. Trump agrees but says that he will only allow it if the Democrats pay for the additional cable needed for his project thinking this will discourage them. If the cable costs an extra $450 per meter, how much will the Democrats have to pay to raise the cable?

A statistical betting company wants to evaluate two models it plans to implement. A week’s worth of testing yielded a dataset of actual bets placed.  The column names in the dataset are detailed below.

The company is concerned that model A and model B are essentially the same, and are merely doubling up on bets. What do you think?