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The current global average life expectancy from birth is 71.4 years (according to the United Nations data). This number serves as a good reminder that we only have one life and we need to make the most of it.

About us

At 71point4, our aim is to put the life and experience of customers at the centre of decisions that matter. Through evidence-based research, we strive to drive change in the public and private sector and, in doing so, contribute to the economic development and well being of end-consumers.

What we do

Sectors of interest

Housing & Housing Finance

Our work

Our work in housing focuses on understanding housing demand and preferences, as well as the performance of housing markets and its sub-markets including social and rental. We also regularly explore aspects related to housing finance, specifically the performance of mortgage loans in affordable housing segments.

Credit Markets & Indebtedness

Our work

We have extensive experience analysing credit bureau and NCR data to understand credit market trends in South Africa. Our work in this sector has contributed to key policy debates regarding indebtedness in South Africa and interventions to curb this rising trend. The team has also explored informal lending practices in South Africa.

Financial Inclusion

Our work

We regularly conduct research that explores how and why consumers use different financial products and services (traditional and mobile / digital).
Our work in this sector includes analysing both survey and transactional (payment) data to gain a holistic understanding of what people say they do and what they actually do.

Other sectors

Our work

While we have extensive experience in key sectors such as housing, credit and other financial products and services, our work extends to other transformative sectors including healthcare and education. Within these sectors, our work strongly focuses on the life and experience of the consumer, particularly those in lower income market segments.