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71point4 is excited to launch the Employment Equity Data Dashboard

What is the Employment Equity dashboard?

The Employment Equity Data Dashboard offers insights on employment trends, racial and gender transformation, recruitment and promotions, at an aggregated sector and industry level as well as at a firm-level. No other publicly available dataset allows for such a unique perspective. The dashboard displays all the employment equity reports submitted by designated employers to the Department of Labour (DoL) in South Africa from 2013 to 2021. Subsequent years will be added as the data is published by the DoL. Click here to read more about the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998.

How can I use the dashboard?

Click here to view and engage with the Employment Equity data dashboard. Note: The dashboard has been optimised to be viewed full screen on a desktop computer.

Background to accessing the Employment Equity data

Between 2018 and 2021, 71point4 engaged with the Department of Labour (DoL) to access EEA2 reports filed by employers in compliance with the Employment Equity Act. These forms are public documents that are submitted to the DoL on an annual basis, providing a detailed breakdown of each employer’s workforce by race, gender, and occupation level.

Following a lengthy legal process, we managed to liberate this valuable dataset under the Promotion of Access to Information Act and developed the software needed to transform the raw data into a format suitable for analytics. We created the Employment Equity Data Dashboard as a means to display the large raw data (N = ~125 million obs) in a visually accessible and useful format for the public. The Employment Equity dashboards have been created on Kibana which forms part of the ELK stack – a software architecture we usually implement for our clients in-house.

Click here to read our blog entitled “Empowered by data” where Illana Melzer uses the 2020 Employment Equity data to comment on transformation in the South African economy.

If you would like access to the underlying Employment Equity Data, please get in touch at info@71point4.com

Did you know? In 2021…

  • The largest 10 employers in the EE data employ 923 186 people, which is 13% of all employees in the data. Seven of these employers are government departments and two are state owned enterprises.
  • Out of the top five banks ranked by total employees, ABSA Bank Limited has the highest proportion of Black African top and senior managers.
  • Across all reporting entities, there are 57 460 individuals employed in top management positions, 17% of whom are Black African. In contrast there are 7.1 million employees in these same entities, 72% of whom are Black African.

Source: Employment Equity Data (2021)