• Consumer research Using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies
  • Data driven analysis Working across the data continuum from big data to small, thick data
  • Strategic consultants Focusing on sectors including housing, credit, banking, insurance (amongst others)

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We are a strategic research consultancy specialising in data-driven research.

Our work focuses on bringing the life and experience of consumers into the decision making processes of policy makers, think tanks and executives.

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Narrow unemployment rate by education level (%) (adults 15 – 65)
  • Graduates
  • Diplomates
  • Matric
  • Less than matric

Revisiting graduate unemployment in South Africa

Is there a graduate unemployment problem in South Africa? We look at available data to answer that question. Our conclusion: it certainly looks like it, and it looks like a problem that impacts on young black women disproportionately. But available data is just not good enough for us to be absolutely certain. If we care…

February 13, 2019
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